Testing Services

Manage your testing on premise or on the cloud. Deliver defect-free products using our Test Automation Framework.

CompuGain provides end-to-end testing services right from Test Advisory, Manual/Functional Testing, Test Automation on premise or on the cloud and Performance Testing

CompuGain Automate

CompuGain test automation framework helps implement faster test cycles. Reduce hours and days spent on manual testing and take away human errors.

  • Test Automation Feasibility Analysis
  • Evaluation and Selection of Automated Test Tool suited to your Software product.
  • Test Automation Management
  • Customizing our Automation Framework
  • Scripting and ongoing maintenance of scripts
  • Reusable Framework – built over 6 years based on hundreds of projects
  • Proven support for continuous Integration
  • Scalability with Parallel execution.
  • Support for multiple OS/Browser combinations.
  • Compress regression cycle, thereby helping rapid releases and adopt to Agile/Scrum
  • TCO and ROI
  • Zero licensing cost.
  • Test case conversion at the rate of 18 (average) per resource per day.
  • Reduction in overall test execution time.
  • Hybrid Framework
    • Keyword – built in reusable functions, utility functions to perform specific application actions
    • Data – Scenarios & Test Cases
  • One time configuration per application.
  • Parallel execution
  • Can run in multiple OS/Browser combinations.
  • Flexible to integrate with API testing.
  • Can run in iOS/Android/Mobile devices.
  • Robust and highly scalable
  • Easy script maintaining
  • HTML/ XSLT (Request / Response) reports with complete logs (Log of all user actions, assert statements, screenshot for failures. )
  • Reusable for most applications with simple configuration.


CompuGain ensures that your software is thoroughly tested on time and within budget.

  • Business Coverage Analysis
    • Business Criticality
    • Risk Analysis
  • Identification of end-to-end functionality
  • Identification of internal interfaces
  • Test scenario identification
  • Test design
  • Optimized test execution
  • Execution of the test cases
  • Logging Defects into Defect Tracking system
  • Generating reports (graphical and statistical) of defects
  • Execution log
  • Defect log
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Sanity testing

Process Advisory & Strategy

CompuGain takes complete ownership for Assessment, Planning, Setup and Managing the Quality Assurance for a Software Artifact.

  • Setting up the test strategy for a software product company
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • Managing the quality of an enterprise application;
  • Provide processes, tools, budgets, people, skills, infrastructure
  • Pilot the best practices on projects
  • Implement new practices and optimize


Ensure optimized performance by detecting potential bottlenecks.

  • Performance test requirements analysis
  • Work Load modeling
  • Performance scenario creation for Volume, Stress, Load and Endurance tests
  • Performance environment planning
  • Performance test analysis and reporting
  • Performance Testing Services
    • Load Testing
    • Volume Testing
    • Response Time Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Transaction Through-put
    • Performance Assessments and support services