//Corporate Employee Orientation

Welcome!  This section is a summary of important information you will need while on assignment with CompuGain.

Please review the information here and let your HR Coordinator or Consultant Services Manager know if you have any questions.

New Hire Paperwork

There is quite a bit of new hire paperwork involved with new employment.  We hope that you found your new hire experience efficient and seamless with the use of our online on-boarding tool, RedCarpet.  If you have any questions regarding any of your paperwork please do not hesitate to reach out to your HR Coordinator.

Please note that all of the required paperwork must be received in order for your first pay check to be processed.


CompuGain’s payroll cycle is bi-weekly, paid every other Friday.  If a pay day falls on a banking holiday, pay day will be the first preceding business day.  A Payroll Schedule is provided with your new hire paperwork.  Please be sure to keep a copy for your records for future reference.

Keep in mind that approved timesheets must be available by the deadline posted on your payroll schedule in order for the hours to be paid on the corresponding pay date.

Pay stubs are typically mailed via regular USPS the day before the pay date.  We strongly encourage you to enroll in direct deposit in order to ensure receiving your money on pay day.  If you choose to receive a manual pay check we cannot guarantee that your check will be received on pay day.

Paid Holidays

Salaried employees are eligible for 8 paid holidays per year.  Your client worksite may recognize additional holidays during the year.  In these cases, the payroll department will automatically apply your paid leave to the day off.

The CompuGain paid holidays are as follows: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after (2 days), Christmas Day and EITHER the day before or the day after Christmas, depending on the day of the week that Christmas falls on (this is announced on the annual Payroll Schedule each year).

If you work on a holiday at the client worksite you will be paid for any hours worked plus 8 hours of holiday pay.

Paid Time Off

Salaried employees are eligible for 80 hours of paid vacation and 40 hours of paid personal leave per year.   Paid time off is accrued per pay period at a rate of 3.08 hours of vacation and 1.54 hours of personal leave.

You may use the paid time off balance you will accrue during the current year prior to accruing it, however, if your employment ends and you have a negative balance due to “borrowing”, payroll will deduct any used but unaccrued amount from your last pay check.

Accrued but unused vacation hours will be paid on your last pay check if your employment ends.  Personal leave expires upon the end of employment and is not eligible to be paid out.

Any balance beyond 40 hours not used by December 31st of the current year will expire.  Up to 40 hours of vacation accrued in the current year may be carried over into the next year through April 15th.  Any carryover balance from the prior year not used by April 15th will expire.

Personal leave may not be carried over and must be used by December 31st each year or will expire.

Requesting Paid Time Off

Paid time off requests must be booked in Replicon.  You will receive Replicon log-in credentials on the Monday following your date of hire.  Payroll will not automatically apply paid time off without a Replicon booking.

You can view accrued balances for any given day in Replicon by clicking on the day on your home page calendar.  Whenever you book time off, the booking pop-up window shows you the balance as of the day you are booking in the upper right hand of the booking window next to “Days Available Now”.  This means that if you click on the last day of the year, you can see what your available balance would be at the end of the year.  Time off already booked and time off to be accrued are taken into account in these balances.  To view the balances for different types of leave, you only need to change the leave type in the drop down.


At CompuGain we believe that there is always room for improvement; we welcome and value your input!  If you have a suggestion for a positive change that could impact CompuGain, our employees, or our customers, please let us know by submitting a suggestion here.  Please note that suggestions should follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Suggestions must be legible.
  2. Suggestions must not reflect negatively on any individual and personal names should not be used.
  3. Suggestions are expected to be well thought out and presented in a positive and professional manner.
  4. When problems are outlined in a suggestion, please include your recommendation for resolution.
  5. Suggestions may be anonymous if desired.  Names are not required.