Role of AI in talent assessment and selection

Artificial Intelligence

The Role of AI in talent recruitment

Things are about to profoundly change in our workplace given the emergence of new technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one new development that is likely to permeate all aspects of business, including improving workplace efficiency and augmenting the work that humans do. AI is starting to impact every function of the organization, and talent acquisition is no exception. Used as part of the recruiting process, AI offers an opportunity to more effectively source, vet and hire quality candidates. This will greatly reduce the effort that recruiters and hiring managers expend in looking for quality talent.

Though, despite the many benefits promised by AI, many organizations are yet to acknowledge it. In December 2018, published a report called “The Current and Future State of AI in HR,” in which only 36% of respondents moderately agreed or strongly agreed that they were knowledgeable about AI. Thus, challenges still remain in ensuring people understand what AI is, and how to effectively leverage it. Therefore, CompuGain has prepared a summary of how AI can be used to improve your organization’s talent acquisition.

Intelligent Sourcing
AI can assist in sourcing and building a pipeline of the most relevant profiles for the job. Previously, sourcing was a process of casting a wide net into an open sea of applicants. Though, AI is capable of performing ‘big data’ analysis to sort and rank the most relevant profiles. This results in being able to evaluate a larger pool of candidates and more quickly narrowing down the most relevant and quality profiles. Time saved as part of the sourcing process allows recruiters to focus on more important activities, such as building connections with relevant job seekers.

Smart Screening
Sourcing is only the first step in the process. The next step is to further refine the relevant applicant pool to those candidates that truly match the job and culture of the client. AI is providing organizations with the opportunity to use evaluation tools that test and rank each candidate’s capabilities, relative to one another. This is a critical step in ensuring the most qualified individual can be identified and submitted to the position.

Chabot 24/7
One benefit of AI is that it never takes a day off. It’s always available to engage with candidates. AI offers an opportunity to chat with candidates any time of day, provide updates on applications, schedule interviews and generally direct applicants through the entire recruitment lifecycle. This ensures a uniform, quality and consistent experience for each applicant.

Onboarding and Continued Engagement
Once an offer is accepted, AI has the capacity to support the selected candidate through the on-boarding process. Additionally, a challenge for many organizations is to remain connected and engaged with that individual once they begin work. AI offers the ability to consistently check-in on employees, confirm their satisfaction, evaluate concerns, and direct them to the right place when assistance is needed. This removes the burden of any one individual to follow-up, and it provides a systematic way to connect with all employees on a regular basis.

Generally speaking, the industry still remains slow to adopt AI. Therefore, organizations willing to make the investment in AI are likely to see a competitive advantage. AI offers the ability to eliminate the traditionally labor-intensive activities of talent recruitment, and will eventually allow organizations to more effectively match and retain the best individuals for the job.

CompuGain uses an AI tool to achieve higher quality and productivity in the Talent Selection process.

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