MacOS Sierra and iOS 10

With the second beta of MacOS Sierra hitting developers today, much more information regarding Apple’s latest operating system has been released to the public. Apple only recently unveiled the operating systems, making its delivery to developers a relative surprise given its short-term nature. There is a host of changes made to past OS services as well as the introduction of an array of new features designed to make the user experience more seamless and dynamically responsive.

The largest development in terms of popularity is the introduction of Siri to the OS, effectively allowing iPhone users who actively engage in voice commands to be able to extend its versatility to their laptops or macs. Although plagued with voice recognition and general functionality issues along with being steeped in competition with superior programs from the likes of Amazon, Siri is poised to succeed on the mac due to its familiarity with Apple users. With Siri on the mac, an entire new realm of functionality becomes accessible to the end-user, allowing them to pin search results, engage in a more active search dialogue, initiate FaceTime calls, and search through photos.

On the topic of photos, one change that will enable Siri to better search through photos as well as categorize them in an efficient and accurate manner is the deep learning algorithm introduced to the Photos app. As in Facebook or Instgrams’ tagging features, which is able to take existing information on a users friends and match their faces to uploaded pictures, Apple will soon implement that technology into its own Photos app. Apple is also introducing a ‘Memories’ functionality that will essentially curate a particular series of photos taken during a period of time or in a specific place. Moroever, Apple Music, another native app on the OS, is receiving quite the facelift in response to the negative feedback provided on its past versions. Although not returning to the complex and obscure iTunes of the past, Apple Music is allowing its users to enjoy more functionality with a simpler yet bolder look than in previous iterations.

Moving on to iOS 10, whose public beta was released today, there are, as in OS sierra, a host of new bold changes to its functionality that offer a different user experience than in past updates. iOS 10 is also receiving updates to Apple Music and Photos to include the same features displayed in Sierra, effectively preserving continuity between the two Apple platforms. Predictive texting can now answer questions relating to previously scheduled events and locations, and is generally receiving an update to its accuracy. 3D touch, which was one of the largest introductions to the iPhone 6S, is receiving a large update to the options displayed when 3D touch is utilized. In attempting to adapt to the burgeoning IoT industry, there is now a Smart Home app, which allows a lot of HomeKit devices to be paired and utilized via the iPhone or iPad.

Minor updates, like those to Emoji allowing for an option to display text as Emoji characters instead, or the introduction of gentle wake which turns the phone display on as it is lifted off of a surface, are also rife within the iOS update. All in all, it seems like the new update to iOS is going to provide a totally different user experience than in previous iterations with the added benefit of improved speed, efficiency and functionality across the board.

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