//Frequently Asked Questions

If I waive coverage as a New Hire or during Open Enrollment, will I be able to opt-in again in the future?

Answer: Yes. You will be able to opt-in during another annual Open Enrollment period or if you have a qualifying Life Event.

I don’t like my current insurance plan. When can I cancel or change my plan?

Answer: CompuGain’s benefit programs are pre-tax cafeteria benefits program under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code. The IRS regulations governing the program do not permit changes after open enrollment, except in very limited circumstances. Once you have elected a plan, you must stay in the selected plan, at the selected coverage level, for the full calendar year, unless there has been a qualifying event. See Life Events.

Can you recommend the best insurance plan for me?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Each employee’s situation is unique. You should review all of the available information prior to making your selection and be sure to keep your health and the health of any eligible dependents in mind when deciding which plan is right for you.

What is Co-Insurance?

Answer: Co-Insurance is the percentage of your care for which the medical plan pays. For example, if your co-insurance is 100%, then the plan pays 100% after any deductible and co-pays. If it is 80% co-insurance, the plan pays 80% after deductibles and co-pays and the remaining 20% would be your responsibility.

Until what age are my dependents covered for health/dental insurance?

Answer: Dependents may be covered until the end of the month they turn age 26.

I have enrolled in benefits; how long will it take to receive my card(s)?

Answer: Insurance cards are mailed by the benefit provider and are typically received by employees within two to three (3) weeks after providing your enrollment form to CompuGain.

Who do I contact if I have benefit questions or comments?

Answer: Questions may be directed to your HR Coordinator or directly to the insurance provider by calling the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card. Comments may be directed to your HR Coordinator.

I’m leaving employment with CompuGain. When does my insurance end?

Answer: For employees leaving CompuGain, health, vision, and dental coverage end on the last day of the month in which you last worked. (Continuation coverage, at your cost for a period of up to 18 months, may be available under the COBRA law.)