Digital Rights Management System

Client is a company that provides real-time information and analytics for the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and a provider of clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries.

To develop the Digital Rights Management Project, our client tied up with the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, LLC (DECE), a cross-industry consortium of more than 80 companies. DECE’s objective is to help people “future-proof” their digital media libraries. In doing so, Digital Rights Management Project also reduces the need for physical space to store large DVD collections and eliminates the risk of wear, tear and mishaps.

Business Challenges

  • Client wanted to develop a Digital Rights Management System, along with a cross-industry consortium of more than 80 companies. The site’s objective was to help people “future-proof” their digital media libraries.
  • Create and maintain Test and Regression Test suites for the product APIs.
  • Execute over 50000 Test cases with 50+ APIs in order to complete and cover the business requirements for various geographies.

CompuGain Solution

  • CompuGain automated the API testing leveraging SoapUI capabilities to build the test suite
  • Developed an Automation Framework for System Testing as well as Regression Testing.
  • Used Orthogonal Array Approach to optimize Regression Suite.
  • The portal needed to be compatible on multiple OS/Browser
  • Extended our automation framework and automated the test cases

Return on Investment

  • Total regression time reduced by 80% without affecting the test coverage.
  • CompuGain reduced QA man hours to 35% and also reduced build execution time
  • Optimized the Regression suite without affecting coverage to support new Geographies
  • With Selenium framework, we covered most of OS/Browsers combinations, while reducing Build execution time
  • Technology
    • SoapUI Pro (Groovy)
    • Orthogonal Array approach.
    • Automation Tool – QTP(VBScript) and Selenium(Java).

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