Data Driven Enterprises leveraging analytics are seeing the value of adopting a DevOps culture. An enterprise shift to DevOps allows a company to continuously release new versions, functions and features, as well as deliver services and features customization to a multitude of deployment end points. 

CompuGain’s DevOps expertise provides our clients with tools methodologies and frameworks to create continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, managed services and Cloud Solutions in their ecosystem to provide easy and efficient development, automated testing and streamlined operations.

Our AWS certified DevOps engineers and Cloud Solution Architects help our clients build the release automation pipelines and Infrastructure as Code solutions for their mission critical enterprise needs.

Our process also believes that DevOps is also effective at helping development interact with other groups, including quality assurance (QA) and information security (InfoSec). DevOps is essential to enhancing communication between every other group that participates in the Application Lifecycle Management.

CompuGain DevOps leverages a combination of tools and processes to build high performance, distributed teams. Our toolset includes a combination of JIRA for capturing Agile process based Epics and Stories. GIT for versioning, Jenkins /CloudBees automation server / pipeline management, Artifactory/ Nexus for artifact management and Chef / Ansible for developing scriptable architectures and managing Infrastructure as code. We follow a well defined Communication Plan that consists of Morning – Evening Scrum Calls. We use tools like Google Hangout for video conferencing, IRC channels for constant communication between team members. Our Agile based Defined SDLC leverages Crucible based automated code review. We follow as best practice 2- 4 week sprints depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Our experience shows, the first three or four sprints for the process typically streamlines rhythm and cadence of the development cycle for steady output and performance. The below illustrates a sample DevOps process.