Beyond Business: Sustainability for the Future

We believe in maintaining the beauty and sanctity of Earth and all those who call this place home.

That is why we have invested in our own
"Beyond Business" initiatives. 

CompuGain’s "Beyond Business" program follows the prescribed method of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

Historically, the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" mantra has been primarily tethered to saving the planet. And although sustaining our plante is one of our largest priorities, our Beyond Business initiatives have reached depth enough to help sustain individuals within our community. 


Throughout our company’s history, we have tackled numerous internal green initiatives focused on the reducing our carbon footprint.

For example, nearly a 5 years ago CompuGain became a paperless organization by adopting a regimented cultural shift within the organization hinged upon the introduction and acceptance of a document management platform.

CompuGain is still paperless today.


CompuGain has partnered with many nonprofit organizations within the DC Metropolitan area as means of reusing a majority of our technology assets.

Over many years CompuGain has maintained a partnership with “Dreams for Kids DC”. CompuGain has been responsible for repurposing and donating their unused laptops to the organization.

As a result, we were able to make a difference for our planet as well as for the children within our community.


There are times when technology assets are too old or damaged to be reused.

This is why CompuGain has partnered with “eAsset Solutions”. Over the past 6 years we have recycled thousands of pounds of electronics through this partnership.

Additionally, it should be stated that all recycled electronics were recycled or dismantled in accordance with all state and federal regulations. All data containing media was physically destroyed or erased to DoD Compliant Standard 5220.22.

These are only a few of the green initiatives that CompuGain has enacted as a means on our planet’s sustainability. Nevertheless, these examples are indicative of our commitment to making Earth a better place for the next generation.